Waylon, Wetter of my Knickers

Good day, y'all. I've just finished clipping my toe-nail and brushin' my tooth. I look mighty fine today, and it's a shame you can't see me.

Now, I bet you've heard of a once-dapper ole fella named Waylon Jennings. He's the outlaw that swoons the knickers right off me. I should use a different example, cuz that ain't all that hard to do. But you get the idea.

He made a movie in 1966 called "Nashville Rebel." This movie is extremely hard to illegally download online, but a friend of a friend of a friend of an ex-lesbian lover found it for me, so I sat myself down and watched it. Afterward, I found out that Waylon himself discouraged people from watching it because he wasn't all too impressed with his acting. I say catpiss to that, he was as convincing as a randy Rodger with a full on rodney and a rifle pointed straight at ya. 


Here's a clip of him singing in his movie (Waylon... not the randy Rodger):


Next week, I'll introduce a tiddly-bit about Waylon' offspring, complete with some personal encounters.

Until then, get stuffed.