Waylon, Wetter of my Knickers

Good day, y'all. I've just finished clipping my toe-nail and brushin' my tooth. I look mighty fine today, and it's a shame you can't see me.

Now, I bet you've heard of a once-dapper ole fella named Waylon Jennings. He's the outlaw that swoons the knickers right off me. I should use a different example, cuz that ain't all that hard to do. But you get the idea.

He made a movie in 1966 called "Nashville Rebel." This movie is extremely hard to illegally download online, but a friend of a friend of a friend of an ex-lesbian lover found it for me, so I sat myself down and watched it. Afterward, I found out that Waylon himself discouraged people from watching it because he wasn't all too impressed with his acting. I say catpiss to that, he was as convincing as a randy Rodger with a full on rodney and a rifle pointed straight at ya. 


Here's a clip of him singing in his movie (Waylon... not the randy Rodger):


Next week, I'll introduce a tiddly-bit about Waylon' offspring, complete with some personal encounters.

Until then, get stuffed. 


My First Time

As you can probably guess, this is my first time writing on BWC's new website. There's a lot of pressure to perform, especially for my gee-tar slingin' Albertan men. 

But who gives one shiny shit what they think, anyhow? I will do as I do, say what I say, and if you have a problem with it, well then. You can kiss one (1) of my round ass cheeks. 

In my opinion, it's hard to find people who say it how it is. I tend to say things like, "To the left, more, more...okay, you sorta found it, now keep trying," whereas most of these pansy-minded fellas say, "Mmm, mmm, that feels nice," even when it don't feel nice. My point is, people ain't honest. It drives this girl gawdiddly damn crazy. 

So that's why I'm here. To say it all. You ask for it, you is going to get it. No turning back now, because you are Unzipped with Tracy Scrunts

Click a dick next week to read about my favorite outlaw, Waylon Jennings.