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Live Shows


About the Crude


We squeeze out the finest juices from country, rock, hillbilly and rockabilly to serve up the most delicious blend of music around.

It may have been years since you heard music you love. Wait no longer. We're here to rescue the world from the musical rut it's fallen into. Our loyal and rowdy fans of all shapes and sizes can attest to this. 

Founded by Raymond and Kevin, and later joined by Travis and Lexie, Blackwater Crude has undergone many changes over the years. But, we've maintained our allegiance to the music and music-makers that inspire us. We think this, along with our professionally unpredictable live show, is what validates BWC as the leading band in Canada.
(Or at least in Alberta... probably)

On a typical night, we start out innocent enough - slow ballads, swift two-steppers, and good ole honky tonkin'. But as the night gains momentum, expect us to get naughty and turn up the party a few notches. 




Call up the Crude:

780 682 0000